Desktop Application Development

Today, single desktop applications have mostly gone the way of the dinosaur but they still have their place. If your business:

  • Does not have internet access; or
  • Does not want to use online services and/or minimize data exposure; or
  • Utilize hardware connected to an individual computer,
a desktop application may be what you need.

Benefits of Desktop Applications

  • Relatively quick to prototype.
  • Data security is enhanced as it is typically not sent across the Internet.
  • Can use specific hardware attached to the users computer (e.g. scanner, printer, 3D printer, etc.)
  • Typically higher performance / lower response times.

Detriments of Desktop Applications

  • Needs to be installed on each computer it is used on.
  • Updates need to be installed per computer.
  • Not overly portable or convenient (e.g. need a desktop or laptop).