Mobile Application Development

If you want to find someone without a mobile phone in or close to hand today, you may be looking for a long time. That's because mobile applications are:

  • Able to go wherever the user is; and
  • Powerful enough to allow business to be conducted anywhere there's a WiFi or Cellular connection; and
  • Able to generate notifications on the users phone or tablet to let them know when actions have been taken.
On top of this, mobile applications can be monetized in numerous ways, from embedded advertising to selling in application stores.

Benefits of Mobile Applications

  • Almost always available to users.
  • Higher potential to earn continuous revenue through monetization.
  • Potential for a wider audience currently than desktop or web applications.

Detriments of Mobile Applications

  • Small screens lead to a premium on information.
  • Numerous hardware setups and custom OS's lead to occasional compatibility problems.
  • Can be expensive to produce and create, especially for Apple products.