Web Applications

Today, web applications have become the most common application type world wide.
Due to this, they are currently in demand for many businesses and their customers.
As such, they can generate huge revenue streams, but care must be taken that they do not turn into money sinks through poor code and maintenance.

Benefits of Web Applications

  • Can be hosted once and accessed by many people.
  • Can be relatively easy to maintain, so long as they are created in a standardized fashion.
  • Allow large teams to be spread across many locations and use the same software.
  • Can access resources and data located in many different locations.
  • Can double as mobile applications in a pinch.

Detriments of Web Applications

  • Slower response times due to data transmission.
  • The (highly unlikely) possibility of data being compromised during transmission.
  • They can be easy to turn into unmaintainable messes if development is not done carefully..